The MHDD National Training Center Advisory Board consists of individuals with lived experience of mental illness and developmental disabilities, family members, as well as disability and mental health professionals. The Advisory Board advises the project management team on issues of strategic importance and provides support and guidance for the achievement of the team’s mission and the development of project products including: websites, training content, training delivery, participant recruitment, project evaluation, information dissemination, and project sustainability. 

Board Members

BreeAnn Davis – Alaska

Frank Huffman – Kentucky

James Steed – Idaho

Jeanne Farr – New York

Karyn Harvey – Maryland

Kenneth Gourdin – Utah

Lei Wiley Mydske – Washington

Mark Smith – Nebraska

Morenike Giwa Onaiwu – Texas

Nancy Mercer – Virginia

Rhonda Eppelsheimer – Oregon

Verity Rodrigues – Tennessee

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