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Empleo de personas hispanas/latinx con discapacidades: barreras y recomendaciones (Employment and Hispanic/Latinx Individuals with Disabilities: Barriers and Recommendations)

Resumen en lenguaje sencillo: empleo de personas hispanas / latinx con discapacidades: barreras y recomendaciones En 2019, solo 1 de cada 5 personas con discapacidad estaba con empleo. La discriminación por discapacidad puede afectar el empleo. Ser parte de más de un grupo marginado puede generar aún más desafíos. Un grupo marginado es un grupo […]

We’re Going to Make It—Pandemic and All

We’re Going to Make It—Pandemic and All Older woman

We’re Going to Make It – Pandemic and All When the pandemic hit in March 2020, it seemed logical to move our daughter, *Audrey, to our home. Audrey is 49 and has a developmental disability with speech communication challenges.  COVID-19 has drastically impacted our lives and our mental health. Audrey lived in her own apartment […]

Transition & Collaboration

Plain Language Summary: Transition & Collaboration Overview Transition is when a student moves from high school to adult life. For students with disabilities, the law requires students with disabilities prepare for life after high school by having a plan (called a transition IEP) when a student is turns 16. The transition IEP must have goals […]

Anxiety Management with Autism

Anxiety Management with Autism Person writing with pen and paper

Anxiety Management with Autism As you’re no doubt aware, the pandemic and subsequent social distancing had multiple side effects on Americans beyond the immediate concern of being infected with COVID-19.  One of the most prevalent of these effects has been anxiety. Many foreign to it are experiencing it for the first time, and those who […]

Early Childhood & Developmental Disabilities

Plain Language Summary: Early Childhood & Developmental Disabilities Developmental disabilities are disabilities that can affect multiple aspects of a person’s life. These disabilities occur during childhood and can cause lifelong problems. Typically, developmental disabilities are noticeable before children start school. Developmental disabilities can affect physical, social, academic, or cognitive skills. Examples of developmental disabilities include […]

Get Support in Your Community

Get Support in Your Community Girl smiling while floating in a pool

Get Support in Your Community Family and friends can be an amazing support system.  But no family or group of friends has all the expertise that someone with a disability or mental health struggle might need.  There are times when we need support from community organizations. However, when we are really struggling, we feel alone […]

Navegando por el sistema escolar: educación especial, derechos y recursos para padres (Navigating the School System: Special Education, Rights, and Resources for Parents)

Resumen en lenguaje sencillo para navegar por el sistema escolar: educación especial, derechos y recursos para padres El sistema escolar puede ser complejo. Es posible que los padres de niños con discapacidades no sepan qué servicios están disponibles y cómo calificar para recibir esos servicios. A veces, los conceptos erróneos por parte de las familias […]

Efectos de la inmigración en la salud mental y desafíos para las personas con discapacidades (Effects Immigration has on Mental Health and Challenges for People with Disabilities)

Resumen en lenguaje sencillo: efectos de la inmigración en la salud mental y desafíos para las personas con discapacidades Uno de cada siete residentes de Estados Unidos es inmigrante. Los inmigrantes son personas que se van a un nuevo país y planean establecerse allí. Este proceso se llama migración. Algunas personas migran en busca de […]

SMART Goals & Mental Health

Plain Language Summary: SMART Goals & Mental Health Goal setting can be used as a therapeutic tool to improve mental health. It can be a helpful intervention if other therapeutic tools are difficult to adapt to meet client needs, especially for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). Goal setting is a form of self-determination. […]