Kirsten Barraclough

See What’s on the Inside

See What’s on the Inside Mother and two young daughters

See What’s on the Inside In the musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the protagonist Quasimodo has physical deformities and has been forbidden by his villainous master from ever leaving the bell tower of Notre Dame Cathedral.  His lifetime of profound isolation leaves him longing for just one day out among the people.  He has […]

Let’s Be Clear

Let’s Be Clear Student

Let’s Be Clear Have you ever had someone tell you an inside joke that you didn’t understand?  Have you felt like an outsider because other people were laughing and all you could do was laugh along or look confused?  It feels frustrating to not understand something that other people seem to understand.  Humor is built […]

Take A Chance

Take A Chance Persons fingers moving a chess pawn forward

Take a Chance There is a well-known board game called Risk, in which players attempt to conquer the world by occupying all 42 territories on the board.  Each player has the same number of total armies, but they need to distribute them wisely.  The strategy of the game involves choosing which armies to put where, […]

Decide to Make Decisions

Decide to Make Decisions Man sitting in wheelchair with crutch on the back looking into the distance

Decide to Make Decisions In the United States, another Independence Day has recently passed.  Independence can be a difficult thing for those with disabilities.  My own disabilities are mainly physical; therefore, I need help with many activities of daily living.  In this respect, I will never be entirely independent.  But, it is important for me […]

Building Your Resilience

Building Your Resilience Person climbing a rock wall

Building Your Resilience To be resilient means to be able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions, or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.  Nobody wants difficult things to happen to them, but they’re going to happen.  Being resilient will help you through your challenges.  How do you build your […]