Family Therapy

Plain Language Summary: Family Therapy

Family therapy is therapy that involves multiple clients in a family. This type of therapy helps strengthens family relationships and communications. A family therapist might help your family work through stressful transitions such as moves or job changes. They can also help with mental health conditions or parenting help.

Family therapy can be particularly helpful for families of people with developmental disabilities learn how to support their loved one. Family therapy for people with developmental disabilities can also help strengthen the relationships between them and their siblings.

Family therapists help to identify patterns that are hurting the relationships within the family. The family works with the therapist on problem-solving techniques to improve how they’re functioning and getting along. They also work with the family to learn their history and patterns over time. The therapist teaches the family different communication and coping skills to improve relationships and interactions in the family.

As with any therapy relationship, you’ll spend some time getting to know your therapist and making sure they’re a good fit for you. Family therapy sometimes includes the entire family, or only certain members of the family. Family therapy also often involves homework and practice assignments for you to practice these skills.

To learn more, read the MHDD fact sheet on Family Therapy.

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