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We are committed to promoting access to quality mental health care for individuals with developmental disabilities. This is available through accessible training content that centers around the needs and voices of individuals with disabilities. The training modules below are stacked to build each lesson on another.  You can do them in any order you prefer if you are only looking for specific information.

Our Training

Providers & Clinicians

Learn more about working with people with disabilities in order to reduce treatment barriers and increase accessibility for all.

Individuals, Families & Direct Supports

Learn more about the basics of mental health conditions in the following modules.

Partner Training

These training modules are offered through our various partners. Each training has been vetted to ensure it meets the mission and values of the MHDD National Training Center.

Basic training for primary care providers to properly address behavioral concerns and the needs of patients with disabilities.

Dr. Ty Aller was a recent guest on the MHDD Crossroads Podcast (listen to the full interview here and find our other episodes). In our conversation, Dr. Aller discussed how he got involved in the mental health field, his experiences with this work, and a current project he has been developing at the MHDD National Training Center (the MHDD Leadership Institute). Registration for this exclusive leadership development training is now open.

The MHDD Leadership Institute, a 5-day intensive leadership development retreat, was created with the intent to inspire, motivate, and guide professionals to meaningful action by identifying and
committing to values. By using components of ACTraining, those that attend the institute will walk away feeling reinvigorated to continue doing their work and finding new ways to build capacity around supporting the mental health aspects of individuals with developmental disabilities.

The institute is intended for professionals working with individuals with developmental disabilities and/or in the mental health field who want to build capacity for services supporting the mental health of individuals with developmental disabilities. By attending the institute, you will receive not only cutting-edge information that helps solve existing problems in the field, but you will also develop connections with a national cohort of like-minded individuals and agencies for future
partnerships and projects.

The MHDD Leadership Institute will take place May 11th– 15th, 2020. Utah State University is
located in Logan, Utah. The cost of the conference is $1500 (inclusive of conference registration, most meals, and single-occupancy lodging in a hotel).

Registration for this event is open now and closes on February 28th – be sure to reserve your place at this event!

Full transcript of the interview with Dr. Ty Aller

Podcast Interview with Dr. Ty Aller 

Registration direct link

Conference website  

 MHDD National Training Center Website


Multiple training modules are available to a variety of people including healthcare professionals, support providers and caregivers who support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and behavioral health needs.

Educate professionals, families and clients of services and state-of-the-art information across many specialties.

The National Association on Developmental Disabilities (NADD) shares professional development and information webinars with a variety of topics split into beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention is a training series about de-escalation and non-violent crisis intervention.

Basic information about risks and benefits of using psychotropic medication for deciding whether or not to use psychotropic medications.

This annual, highly popular, supplemental training series is designed to provide innovative and topic-focused online training to START program members and their local community partners. Trainings from this series are released once a month to the START network (typically on the 3rd Friday of each month) from September to April. These online trainings are free for participants and are facilitated by your START program members in centralized locations in your region where participants can learn as a group.

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