Mental Health Crossroads Podcast – Interview with Justin Olson

Recently we had the chance to talk with Justin Olson. He is a disability rights advocate from the Salt Lake City area of Utah. Justin was a founding member of the Becoming Leaders for Tomorrow, a grant-funded group of young adults created to educate pediatricians about how to better support individuals with developmental disabilities transition to adult medical providers. He is also a long-time staff member of the University of Utah’s (U of U) Best Buddies program and is involved with Best Buddies at the local, state, and national levels. Justin is also a proud fan of the U of U and Utah Jazz basketball teams. He attends games regularly and is one the most enthusiastic fans in the arena. 

In the recent episode of the MHDD Crossroads Podcast, Jeff and Justin had a conversation about what Justin does to manage his mental health. Take a listen to find out what they discussed. Below you can find links to some of the recommended resources from Justin. Be sure to like our podcast, subscribe, and listen wherever you get your podcasts, follow us on social media @MHDDcenter and go to our website for more information.


MHDD National Training Center and past episodes

Link to transcript 

Young adult panel discussion with pediatricians about the transition to adult health care

Psychology today service locator

SAD lamps (and other recommendations for seasonal affective disorder)

Apps Justin recommended for keeping in touch with friends:

Marco Polo  

Google Duo

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