Project Resilience: How Recording Kindness Can Help Build Community Resilience

Project Resilience is a storytelling project from Utah Public Radio that seeks to encourage and talk about how people can build their own resiliency. Rachel Hunt Steenblick speaks about her personal experiences and how they challenged her to be resilient in a creative way. 

It is essential to advocate for our own mental health, and when life gives us trials that we are not use to it can be especially challenging. We may not be used to asking ourselves what we need, but this is an important part of being resilient. If the amount of stress we are feeling is unlike any we have felt before, then it can help us respond in a new way as well.

Rachel was living in a foreign country when she was mourning the loss of her brother, while also being pregnant. She knew she was capable of being resilient because she had done it before when she experienced challenges. However, facing all these experiences at once became one of the hardest times she had gone through. Rachel made the decision to respond to this stress and start a project she had thought about doing for years. It was being pushed to such a point that helped her take this step.

In this Project Resilience story, you can hear about a project called Tiny Kindness. Tiny Kindness was started because one person was experiencing a hard time and has evolved into project that helps others feel better during difficult times in their life too.  Check out this story to learn about the impact of small acts of kindness and challenge yourself to do one too. It just might help you more than you think.

To learn more about this story, visit the web page Project Resilience: How Recording Kindness Can Help Build Community Resilience


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