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People who experience dual diagnosis are people who experience a developmental disability and a mental health concern. It is a ...
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Developmental disabilities are conditions that affect an individual’s physical, intellectual, and behavioral abilities throughout a person’s life. Families raising a ...
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Increasing Caregiver Awareness: Helping Identify Anxiety and Depression in Individuals with Down Syndrome ...
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How to Locate Services Available to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: Caregiver Perspective ...
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When a person turns 18 in the United States, they are called a legal adult. A legal adult is given rights, like ...
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Featured Resources​

Crisis Intervention for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

This course will guide you in an investigation of the phases of a crisis process. You will explore crisis prevention by identifying situations in the environment that can evolve into a crisis and the strategies which might be employed in these situations to prevent or lessen the impact of a crisis. You will also investigate post-event teaching strategies that may be employed to support people after a crisis as well as help to prevent future crises. This course is written for direct support professionals and frontline supervisors who support people with disabilities.

Crisis Prevention and Management Planning

Basic training for primary care providers to prevent and manage behaviors related to mental health symptoms.

Curricular Resource on Issues of Disability and Disability-Competent Care

This guide provides a foundation for integrating disability content into social work education.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition (DSM-5)

A diagnostic manual for working with the general population and understanding their mental health concerns. This is not a free product but can be found for sale online, from several sources.

Diagnostic Manual-Intellectual Disability Second Edition (DM-ID-2)

The DM-ID-2 provides state-of-the-art information concerning mental disorders in persons with intellectual disabilities. Grounded in evidence based methods and supported by the expert-consensus model, DM-ID-2 offers a broad examination of the issues involved in applying diagnostic criteria for psychiatric disorders to persons with intellectual disabilities. This is not a free product but can be found for sale online, from several sources.

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