source: MHDD

Stress and Coping

Everyone experiences stress. Difficult situations can bring on negative emotions and sometimes feel like too much. People do not always know how to deal with these emotions. We can all learn to improve how we handle stress.  Stress is natural. It is a physical and mental reaction to life experiences. Stress can be triggered by everyday […]

Mental Health Among Older Adults with Disabilities

As people get older, they have a higher chance of having disabilities. People that already have one or more disabilities may face more concerns. Social isolation and loneliness increase the risk of mental health concerns. Social isolation means that someone is having very few social contacts or connections. When people do not have enough social […]

Dual Diagnosis 101

People who experience dual diagnosis are people who experience a developmental disability and a mental health concern. It is a common condition and 30-35% of people with developmental disabilities also experience mental health concerns. Developmental Disability is a term that includes disabilities that can be cognitive, or physical, or both. These disabilities appear before the age of 22 and are […]

Accessing Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Developmental disabilities are conditions that affect an individual’s physical, intellectual, and behavioral abilities throughout a person’s life. Families raising a child with a developmental disability face many challenges when accessing services. Ethnic minorities face more difficulties when trying to access disability services. This is because ethnic minorities do not always have enough knowledge about community […]