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Intimate Partner Violence & People with Disabilities Fact Sheet

Domestic violence can mean the abuse of children, other family members, and romantic partners. Intimate partner violence (IPV) is one example of domestic violence and specifically means the abuse of a current or past romantic partner. Every year more than 10 million people in the United States experience IPV. But many people who experience IPV […]

Let’s Be Clear

Let’s Be Clear Student

Let’s Be Clear Have you ever had someone tell you an inside joke that you didn’t understand?  Have you felt like an outsider because other people were laughing and all you could do was laugh along or look confused?  It feels frustrating to not understand something that other people seem to understand.  Humor is built […]

El trastorno del espectro autista y la comunidad hispana-latinx (Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Hispanic/Latinx Community)

Resumen en Lenguaje Sencillo: El Trastorno del Espectro Autista (TEA) y la Comunidad Hispana / Latinx La tasa o promedio de personas identificadas con el trastorno del espectro autista (TEA) en los Estados Unidos ha aumentado significativamente. Pero el TEA continúa siendo infra-diagnosticado (en menor número) y diagnosticado más tarde en la comunidad hispana / […]

Take A Chance

Take A Chance Persons fingers moving a chess pawn forward

Take a Chance There is a well-known board game called Risk, in which players attempt to conquer the world by occupying all 42 territories on the board.  Each player has the same number of total armies, but they need to distribute them wisely.  The strategy of the game involves choosing which armies to put where, […]

Project Resilience: How Recording Kindness Can Help Build Community Resilience

Project Resilience: How Recording Kindness Can Help Build Community Resilience Utah Public Radio

Project Resilience: How Recording Kindness Can Help Build Community Resilience Project Resilience is a storytelling project from Utah Public Radio that seeks to encourage and talk about how people can build their own resiliency. Rachel Hunt Steenblick speaks about her personal experiences and how they challenged her to be resilient in a creative way.  It […]

Decide to Make Decisions

Decide to Make Decisions Man sitting in wheelchair with crutch on the back looking into the distance

Decide to Make Decisions In the United States, another Independence Day has recently passed.  Independence can be a difficult thing for those with disabilities.  My own disabilities are mainly physical; therefore, I need help with many activities of daily living.  In this respect, I will never be entirely independent.  But, it is important for me […]